Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1880s opera gown

The inspiration here came from making some great Steampunk dresses at work, and thinking "I've never made a Victorian dress for myself..."  so why not?  My self-imposed deadline is a symphony outing with the husband and his parents--the perfect opportunity for a time-traveling event.

    My sketch (inspired by some Godey Lady's Book prints):

The fabric, supplies, etc...

And some pictures of the muslin fitting! It was definitely cobbled together with random stash cotton fabrics.
    I'm going for a natural-form era silhouette, with some slightly earlier trim details and train.  There will be more room in the behind in the real thing, as well as that long train-layer on top to round out the behind and hips some more.


The bodice pattern started out as Truly Victorian #416 but is being vastly changed (it will lace up the back instead of buttoning down the front, the sleeves are going away, the peplum in back is going away...).  The skirt pattern is built off of a modern (but victorian inspired shape) pattern that my boss made.  Slightly more mermaid-y in the knee and hem than the usual scaled-down patterns we see in Patterns of Fashion, etc., although I did straighten out the lines slightly more for my dress to make it closer.

More pictures as work progresses!

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  1. Thanks for doing this blog Michelle. I look forward to seeing it come together. I love this time period costumes as well and someday plan to sew me a dress. I have it drawn out just not the picture of the fabric I want to do. My sewing room will be set up in a few weeks so hope the creative juices start flowing. At least a Halloween costume to get me going. Oh I am so excited to see this dress of yours.